Horner Automation in Control Engineering Europe

April 1, 2020

By combining a controller, operator interface, I/O, and networking into a single compact unit, OCS (Operator Control Station) provides a better control systems solution for original equipment manufacturers, integrators, and end-users alike.

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Controller system menu overview Micro OCS Series

March 23, 2020
The Units have a built-in System Menu, which lets the user view and adjust system settings. For touchscreen units system key can be found by touching top right hand corner of screen and then pressing the sys key For the X2 simaltaneously pressing the up and down arrow will bring up the system menu %sr3...
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Clone Unit

October 21, 2019
Overview ‘Clone Unit’ feature allows the user to “clone” the OCS of the exact same model. This feature “clones” application program, register data and unit settings stored in Battery backed RAM of an OCS into the RM (refer Removable Media, Chapter 9, for details in using RM). It can then be used to “Clone” further...
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Backup and Restore Data

September 13, 2019
Overview The Fail-Safe System is a set of features that allow an application to continue running in the event of certain types of "soft" failures. These "soft" failures include: Battery power loss Battery-Backed Register RAM or Application Flash corruption due to, for example, an excessive EMI event. The Fail-Safe System has the following capabilities: Manually...
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