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Ethernet Global Data Protocol Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP are two Industrial Ethernet Protocols that are widely applied and understood. Another protocol that is often overlooked is Ethernet Global Data. This protocol is highly effective at transmitting large blocks of data quickly between controllers – an area in which Modbus TCP does not excel. In this webinar we’ll discuss applications, perform step-by-step configuration, and demonstrate run-time operation of Ethernet Global Data.
2/6/202210:30am CEST30 Minuten
Horner Micro OCS I/O Tips & Tricks The Micro OCS product line is an incredible value for simple applications – blowing away the competition in its price class to be sure. On the surface though – it appears to be somewhat inflexible in the types of I/O it supports. Join us as we show you several tips & tricks that will allow you to interface the MicroOCS with a wide variety of I/O signals easily and inexpensively.9/6/202210:30am CEST30 Minuten
Using WebMI on the Micro OCS Contributing to the global trend known as the Internet of Things (or loT), Horner WebMI instantly connects users to their automated applications. Published directly from the OCS Controller, customers have the ability to remotely monitor and control easier and faster than ever before, all through a phone, computer, or tablet – providing users with the necessary insights to grow and improve their business.16/6/202210:30am CEST30 Minuten
Using Modbus TCP in a Tag-based Environment Modbus remains the de facto standard for communications between devices from multiple manufacturers. But Modbus is a register-based protocol - how do we apply it in a variable/tag-based logic environment? We will explore this, and provide you with practical guidance when utilizing this versatile protocol, even as you modernize your programming approach.23/6/202210:30am CEST30 Minuten

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