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This project consisted of modernisation of an automatic water plant system and installation of a modern energy cabinet equipped with a new control system based on the compact yet powerful XLE from Horner.
One of the main tasks of water treatment is usually pump station control. To collect and process all data by using single control unit is a very efficient task. Flexibility of the system makes future expansions easy and affordable.
The main objective of the application is to keep the air temperature in a building at a constant value, it is handled by using the air-water principle, controlled by the eXL6 and SmartStix I/O
BATEC AB has been supporting the needs of small-scale water power stations for over 10 years. When they needed reliable and flexible control devices to optimise production, they chose to use Horner OCS controllers.
A solar panel control application using a Horner XLT . The Solar Panel System Provider is also able to monitor and control the installation in case of a breakdown and to quickly establish the cause of failure. The GSM/GPRS modems from Horner are being used for remote control of the installations.
Horner OCS controllers and I/O modules are used to coordinate the automation process of Hydrogen production. Our OCS controllers were chosen to control Hydrogen production plants.