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The Smart Microdairy™ application was developed in Limerick, Ireland by Unison Process Solutions. Unison is a team of experts in dairy processing and milk vending. Their aim is to make dairy production as simplistic, user-friendly, and cost-effective as possible. Unison have helped dairy farmers worldwide to set up and succeed in selling their milk directly to their customers.
This industrial oven project took place in Massa, Italy. This was a rewarding yet challenging project that took several months to implement. The primary needs on an industrial oven are to cook a lot of food in batches, but they can be used for smaller food quantities also.
Less than 100km west of Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, is a city steeped in textile history. Biella is a small northern Italian city which can trace its role in wool and textile production back to the 11th century.
Developed by Kotek in Norway, this control project is a fish farm feeding system that has been implemented in many locations around the world from Norway and Scotland to South America, Canada, and China.
The primary goal of the project was to control and monitor the flow of water remotely. With the use of Horner products, DataMech’s aim was to build a water management system that remotely controlled all the local water pump stations, well pump stations, water tanks.
Centrifugue is a chemical separator and it's used to separate solids inside of a fluid taking advantage of the density differences and weight. Invertek is using all the benefits of XL series to make this kind of machine more flexible and powerful.